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penstemon subsection

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Penstemon Website - Species Sampler
... Subgenus Penstemon Section Penstemon Subsection Penstemon Thumbnail sketch Species Penstemon oklahomensis Section Penstemon Subsection Deusti Thumbnail sketch Species Penstemon deustus Not yet available Penstemon digitalis 'Husker Red' Penstemon confertus Penstemon globosus Penstemon spatulatus Penstemon wilcoxii Section Ericopsis Subsection Caespitosi Thumbnail sketch Species Penstemon crandallii ...

Penstemon crandallii
... Penstemon crandallii Penstemon crandallii Photos by: Andrea D. Wolfeİ Location: San Juan County, Utah Penstemon crandallii is a member of Penstemon subg. Penstemon sect. Ericopsis subsect. Caespitosi. The species was named by ... very similar to P. caespitosus and P. teucroides in appearance. The penstemons in this subsection tend to be mat formers and sometimes occur on bare rock. This species can ...
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Pinus edulis Engelm
... plants are goosefoot (Chenopodium graveolens), rock goldenrod (Solidago pumila), gilia (Gilia spp.), penstemon (Penstemon spp.), segolily (Calochortus nuttallii), globemallow (Sphaeralcea spp.), white aster (Aster hirtifolius), hymenopappus ( ... Management 24(3):188-197. Bailey, D. K. 1987. A study of Pinus subsection Cembroides 1: The single-needle pinyons of the Californias and the Great Basin ...