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Penstemon Website
... Penstemon are sold through garden supply and seed companies. There is a society dedicated to Penstemon, the American Penstemon Society. Other enthusiasts who enjoy Penstemon are avid rock gardeners. For your convenience, I've included a bibliography on this page to help you find the relevant literature about Penstemon ...

Penstemon Website - Species Sampler
... Penstemon palmeri dissection Subgenus Penstemon Section Penstemon Subsection Penstemon Thumbnail sketch Species Penstemon oklahomensis Section Penstemon Subsection Deusti Thumbnail sketch Species Penstemon deustus Not yet available Penstemon digitalis 'Husker Red' Penstemon confertus Penstemon globosus Penstemon spatulatus Penstemon ...
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penstemon and keckiella species for california gardens
... it is too far out of its element. Penstemon heterodoxus, Sierra Penstemon Sierra Penstemon is an oddity. The flowers are ... Penstemon likes high elevations so watch out for the summer heat and low rainfall. Penstemon rattanii, Eel River Penstemon Eel River Penstemon ... redwood forest but don't over do it. Penstemon rydbergii, Meadow Penstemon Meadow Penstemon can tolerate some moisture. With a little ...

NARGS: Penstemon hirsutus
... MeetingsQuestions?PublicationsSeeds BooksGardensSlides & VideosLinksSite Map Part II: Good Rock Garden Plants by NARGS contributors Penstemon hirsutus 'Pygmaeus' [pen-steh-mon her-soo-tus pig-may-us] From June to August ...

NARGS: Penstemon pinifolius
... MeetingsQuestions?PublicationsSeeds BooksGardensSlides & VideosLinksSite Map Part II: Good Rock Garden Plants by NARGS contributors Penstemon pinifolius [pen-steh-mon pin-eh-foh-lee-us] Scarlet trumpets throughout the summer crown ...
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Paghat's Garden: Penstemon x campanulatus 'Sour Grapes'
... : Penstemon x campanulatus 'Sour Grapes' 'Sour Grapes' Beard Tongue "I hide myself within my ... nectar than do many of the other things hummingbirds enjoy. The 'Sour Grapes' penstemon when originally planted from out of a pot was already in full bloom, & ... humongous moth. There was a tiny grey-green hummer feasting from that very penstemon. Later that same day when I was sitting in the side yard, the ...

Oregon Penstemon Meeting, 2004
... Creek Nursery on the Columbia River (amazing perennial collection, with over 40 varieties of penstemon, including many named hybrids), Chris Ebrahimiís garden, and then drive on to Mt ... See a description of attractions below. Plants we hope to catch in bloom are Penstemon ovatus, serrulatus, richardsonii, barrettiae, cardwellii (and color forms), fruticosus var. fruticosus, rupicola, davidsonii var. ...

... Penstemon-L Penstemon-L is sponsored through the generosity of UNIVERSITY BOTANIC GARDENS, UTRECHT NL and SURFNET, the ... to bring international enthusiasts together and to enhance participation in groups such as the American Penstemon Society rather than to supplant them in any way. The co-listowners are Eric Gouda ...
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Open Directory - Home: Gardening: Plants: P: Penstemon
... Penstemon Top: Home: Gardening: Plants: P: Penstemon (7) Description Dave's Garden PlantFiles: Genus Penstemon - Index page with links to all species and varieties of penstemon ...

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