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paul hariot

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A Colorado Water Garden
... -fruited Rush - Juncus compressus Spiral Rush - Juncus effusus spiralis Sweet Galingale - Cyperus longus Water Lilies: Paul Hariot - changable Attraction - red Sulphurea - sulfur yellow Helvola - yellow dwarf lily White Rush - Scirpus albescens Varigated ...

The Whiskey Barrel Water Garden
... or something if the water garden didn't work out. I started out with a Paul Hariot water lily and a Sweet Galingale for vertical interest. Both the lily and the Galingale ... lily called Attraction. This one is a fast grower and quickly crowded out the smaller Paul Hariot. Both lilies bloomed well in the little whiskey barrel. I needed some form of mosquito ...
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Arnold Arboretum - Lilacs - For the New England Garden
... ' (D, F), 'Paul Hariot' (D), 'President Roosevelt' (S, F), 'Sarah Sands' (S), 'Sensation' (S), 'Zulu' (S) "Yellow" 'Primrose' (S) Magenta 'Charles Joly' (D, F), 'Glory' (S), 'Mme. F. Morel' (S), 'Paul Thirion' (D ...

Alphabetical Listof of Water Plants - Water Plants - Denver Plants
... - Siberian Pond Lily Nuphar variegata - Variegated Water Lily The Nymphaea Family Changeable 'Indiana' - Water Lily 'Paul Hariot' - Water Lily Pink 'Amabilis' - Water Lily 'Firecrest' - Water Lily 'Froebelii' - Water Lily 'Louise' - Water Lily ...

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: Conservation and Wildlife
... davidii - DAVID’S SOPHORA Sorbus aucuparia - MOUNTAIN ASH, ROWAN Spartium junceum - SPANISH BROOM Syringa vulgaris Paul Hariot - LILAC Tanacetum parthenium - FEVERFEW Trillium chloropetalum - GIANT WAKEROBIN Trollius europaeus - GLOBE FLOWER Tulipa sprengeri - TULIP ...

Hybrid Noisette Roses
... . Ellwanger, 1882 Illustration of 'Coquette des Blanches' from Le Livre d'Or des Roses by Paul Hariot, 1903

Hybrid Remontant Types by Henry B. Ellwanger, 1882
... General Jacqueminot. Glory of Cheshunt, Harrison Weir, Henry Bennett, Madame Anna de Besobrasoff, Marguérite Brassac, Paul Jamain, President Léon de St. Jean, and W. Wilson Saunders are marked members of this ... , 1882 *Top plate of Camille Bernardin (General Jacqueminot Group) from Le Livre d'Or, by Hariot 1903 *Second plate of Marie Baumann (General Jacqueminot Group) from Le Livre d'Or, by ...
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