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pattern formal patterns cordon

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... a formal espalier, should let the plant determine its own informal pattern. Formal Patterns Cordon A cordon is a tree trained by pruning to grow as a single stem. There are several cordon patterns ( Figure 1 ). Figure 1. Types of cordons. The single vertical cordon ...

... espalier. Espalier is the art of training trees to branch in formal patterns usually along a wall, or on a trellis. The technique of ... - arms. A cordon forms a tree that looks like a Jewish menorah, while a fan design is similar but less formal. The easiest design ... three-layered trellis, at least three years are required to form the pattern. During this time no fruit should be allowed to develop. You ...

... very simple, free-flowing natural and informal designs to complicated formal patterns. The most common formal styles are candelabra, tiered, basket weave, fan, cordon, pinnate, palmate, or diamond motif. Draw your design on a ... be directed into plant growth to complete the design. Branches that are part of the pattern should not be tip pruned until they reach their desired length. Side shoots should ...