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part used medicinally

Listing 1 - 10 from 93 for part used medicinally - A Modern Herbal | Basil, Bush - Herb Profile and Information
... Botanical: Ocymum minumum Family: N.O. Labiatae Cultivation Part Used Medicinally Medicinal Action and Uses Recipes ---Part Used---Leafy tops. Bush Basil (Ocymum minumum) is a ... Part Used Medicinally---The whole herb, both fresh and dried, gathered in July. ---Medicinal Action and Uses---Aromatic and carminative. Though generally employed in cooking as a flavouring, Basil has been occasionally used ... - A Modern Herbal | Cowslip - Herb Profile and Information
... for larger image Cowslip Botanical: Primula veris (LINN.) Family: N.O. Primulaceae Description Part Used Medicinally Constituents Medicinal Action and Uses ---Synonyms---Herb Peter. Paigle. Peggle. Key Flower. Key ... ball will be uneven. [Top] ---Part Used Medicinally---The yellow corolla is alone needed, no stalk or green part whatever is required, only the yellow part, plucked out of the green calyx ... - A Modern Herbal | Cyclamen, Ivy-Leaved - Herb Profile and Information
... Cyclamen hederaefolium Family: N.O. Primulaceae Description Part Used Medicinally Constituents Medicinal Action and Uses ---Synonym---Sowbread. ---Part Used---Tuherous root-stock used fresh when the plant is in ... horticulture in the middle of the eighteenth century. [Top] ---Part Used Medicinally---The tuberous rootstock, used fresh, when the plant is in flower. ---Constituents---Besides starch, ... - A Modern Herbal | Anemone Pulsatilla - Herb Profile and Information
... O. Ranunculaceae Description Part used Medicinally Constituents Medicinal Action and Uses Preparation Pulsatilla Nuttaliane ---Synonyms---Pasque Flower. Wind Flower. Meadow Anemone. Passe Flower. Easter Flower. ---Part Used---Whole herb. --- ... in a peat or leaf soil, with the addition of lime rubble. ---Part used Medicinally---The drug Pulsatilla, which is of highly valuable modern curative use ... - A Modern Herbal | Betony, Wood - Herb Profile and Information
... (BENTH.), Betonica officinalis (LINN.) Family N.O. Labiatae History Description Part Used Medicinally Medicinal Action and Uses ---Synonym---Bishopswort. ---Part Used---Herb. ---Habitat---It is a pretty woodland plant, met with ... , is a Greek word, signifying a spike, from the mode of flowering. [Top] ---Part Used Medicinally---The whole herb, collected from wild plants in July, when at their best, ... - A Modern Herbal | Borage - Herb Profile and Information
... officinalis (LINN.) Family: N.O. Boraginaceae Description History Cultivation Part Used Medicinally Medicinal Action and Uses Preparation ---Synonym---Burrage. ---Parts Used---Leaves and flowers. ---Habitat---The Common Borage is a ... in May, whereas those sown in the spring will not flower till June. ---Part Used Medicinally---The leaves, and to a lesser extent, the flowers. Gather the leaves when ... - A Modern Herbal | Broom - Herb Profile and Information
... Part Used Medicinally Medicinal Action and Uses Preparations Substitutes ---Synonyms---Spartium scoparium (Linn.). Genista scoparius (Lam.). Sarothamnus scoparius (Koch). Broom Tops. Irish Tops. Basam. Bisom. Bizzom. Browme. Brum. Breeam. Green Broom. ---Part Used ... - A Modern Herbal | Almonds - Herb Profile and Information
... biscuits for patients suffering from diabetes. Sweet Almonds are used medicinally, the official preparations of the British Pharmacopoeia being Mistura ... of gum arabic, forms a more permanent emulsion; one part of gum with an equal quantity of water being ... used instead of Sweet that the British Pharmacopoeia directs that Jordan Almonds alone shall be employed when Sweet Almonds are used medicinally ...

Medicinal Use of Citrus
... been used in herbal medicine. Herbs are usually defined as garden plants used secondarily in cooking for flavoring, seasoning, and garnishes for food. Herbs and herbal products have also been used medicinally for curative ... of the State of Florida. Permission is granted to others to use these materials in part or in full for educational purposes, provided that full credit is given to the UF ...

Cacti ARE Succulents (Part 1)
... and it was incorporated into many cultures. Cactus sap has been used medicinally; some cactus sap has narcotic effects and has been used in religious ceremonies; the sap of Stenocereus gummosus is toxic ... cactus and 2) all cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti. [next segment - Part 2] 1995 Erl Svendsen Sustainable horticultural information, offered free of charge to the public with ...