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parallax problems

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Making Panoramas
... rotation at or near the plane of the CCD chip (or film plane). To prevent parallax problems (near and far objects changing relative postion between adjacent exposures) and the resultant stitching difficulties ... the lens is not properly centered over the axis of rotation of the tripod head, parallax problems will occur. This will result in a misalignment of near and far objects as in ...

The Rosebay Volume 6 Number 1 Spring 1977
... most pictures are taken, five feet and beyond, this difference, or 'parallax error': doesn't matter, but at the distances which we will ... by reading the light coming directly through the taking lens, these problems are solved for you by virtue of the camera a electronics. ... able to break a channel through the ice. With the many problems the cold weather has produced for us this year, our attentions ...