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Floridata: Pandanus utilius
... Pandanus utilius Welcome Login Register (Free!) Welcome (homepage) Floridata Member Pages ... a free gift of Tulip Topper wildflower seeds with every bulb order. Pandanus utilius Common Names: screw pine Family: Pandanaceae (screw-pine family) Get link ... native to the Old World tropics in Asia, Africa and the Pacific. Pandanus utilis hails originally from the continental island of Madagascar, where it ...

Screw Pine, pandanus utilis
... plant drawing weekly Plant below may be available Click the banana to see Screw-Pine Pandanus utilis click pic to enlarge Zone 10 This is not a pine, but a tropical ...

Screw Pine - Pandanus Utilis
Screw Pine - Pandanus Utilis Screw Pine - Pandanus Utilis Phoenix Tropicals HomePage Next Fruit and Spice Photo

Screw Pine, Hala, Tourist Pineapple - Pandanus tectorius
... Screw Pine, Hala, Tourist Pineapple - Pandanus tectorius Screw Pine Pandanus tectorius a.k.a. Hala, Tourist Pineapple Seaside plant common to Pacific tropical islands, the ... in protected microclimates. Florida - Grows well in southern Florida and the Keys. Related Species Pandanaceae Pandanus tectorius Screw Pine, Hala, Tourist Pineapple Fruit Database Home Order Customer Service

Asian Vegetables Forum - GardenWeb
... :30 17 follow-ups, last one posted on Sat, Oct 28, 06 at 13:46 Pandanus amaryllifolius roxb Posted by: Melati z5 ME on Sat, Jul 13, 02 at 13:27 ...

Okinawan Plants
... flower of Bruguiera gymnorrhiza a flower of Rhizophora stylosa Seaside Pandanus odoratissimus and Cycas revoluta are often found at the seaside ... . Birds and coconut crabs (Birgus ratro) eat berries of Pandanus odoratissimus. People do not eat them because they are not ... trunks, washed them and then ate the remaining starch. Pandanus odoratissimus Cycas revoluta In shallow places of the sea, there ...

Hawaiian Native Plant Propagation Database: Browse Botanical Names
... anthyllidifolia - 'Ulei Return to Top of Page Pandanus chamissonis - Hala (Currently Pandanus tectorius ) Pandanus douglasii - Hala (Currently Pandanus tectorius ) Pandanus menziesii - Hala (Currently Pandanus tectorius ) Pandanus odoratissimus - Hala (Currently Pandanus tectorius ) Pandanus tectorius - Hala Pelea anisata - Mokihana (Currently Melicope ...

Hawaiian Native Plant Propagation Database: Browse Common Names
... Ha'awa - Pittosporum hosmeri Haha - Brighamia insignis Haha - Brighamia rockii Hala - Pandanus tectorius Hala pepe - Pleomele spp. Hala 'uhaloa - Waltheria indica Halena - ... chinensis Palae - Sphenomeris chinensis Palapala'a - Sphenomeris chinensis Pamakani - Hibiscus arnottianus Pandanus - Pandanus tectorius Pa'uohi'iaka - Jacquemontia ovalifolia Pilo - Capparis sandwichiana Pilo - Hedyotis ...
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Ethnobotanical Portraits
... market of Suva, Fiji, a vendor in front of lenghts of Pandanus leaves. Over the next few years, the People and Plants ... Pandanus (Pandanaceae). There are about 600 species of Pandanus in the Old World tropics, many of them local endemics. In the South Pacific, pandanus ... , off-white, yellow and reddish-brown. Kukuvalu is a type of pandanus which turns deep brown when dried. Mats may bronze through age ...

Flowering Plant Diversity
... to the palm trunk. Arborescent monocots - some woody monocots (e.g. species of Yucca, Dracaena, Pandanus, Agave) have secondary growth but quite different to that found in dicots. An outer ring ...

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