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palm roystonea regia

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Popular Palms
... palm, Roystonea regia, FL Navtive 18 Spindle palm, Hyophorbe verschaffeltii 19 Traveler palm (not a palm), Ravenala madagascariensis 20 Washingtonia palm, Washingtonia robusta 21 White Bird of Paradise (not a palm), Strelitzia nicolai 22 Indoor palms 23 Cabbage palm ...

Palms and Cycads
... palm, syagrus romanzoffiana radicalis palm, chamaedorea radicalis raffia palm, raphia farinfera red latan palm, latania lontroides red sealing wax palm, cyrtostachys lakka or cyrtostachys renda reed palm, chamaedorea seifrizii ribbon fan palm, livistona decipiens royal palm, roystonea regia ruffled fan palm ...

Florida Royal Palm, roystonea elata
... Royal Palm, roystonea elata Ask your plant question FREE plant drawing weekly Plant below may be available Click the banana to see Florida Royal Palm Roystonea elata click pic to enlarge Zone 10 This is a very popular palm due to its majestic appearance and unique cement gray trunk. The other variety is the Cuban Royal Palm, roystonea regia ...