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palm phoenix

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Palm, Phoenix, Sabal, Washingtonia species, Disease Index
Palm, Phoenix, Sabal, Washingtonia species, Disease Index PALM Phoenix, Sabal, Washingtonia and others Disease Index False Smut Freeze Injury Leafspots Lethal Yellowing Disease Rachis Blight Fungicides June, 1996 The full palms text is available without illustrations.

Floridata: Palm List
... spindle palm Jubaea chilensis Chilean wine palm, coquito palm, honey palm Livistona chinensis Chinese fan palm, Chinese fountain palm Livistona decipiens ribbon fan palm Nannorrhops ritchieana Mazari Palm Neodypsis decaryi Dypsis decaryi (syn.), triangle palm, three sided palm Phoenix canariensis Canary Island date palm Phoenix dactylifera date palm Phoenix reclinata Senegal date palm Phoenix ...

Phoenix rupicola Common Name Cliff Date Palm
... Phoenix rupicola Common Name Cliff Date Palm Phoenix rupicola Cliff date palm Description Locality: India Cold Hardiness: 24-25s F. Trunk type: This palm has a knobby tan trunk with a brown fibrous ... long spines. It tends to make "skirt" of old dead leaves, unless you maintain the palm with trimming. Suckering/Solitary: Solitary (single trunk). Maintenance: Easy Speed of growth: Moderate Height: 20- ...

Phoenix sylvestris Common Name Silver Date Palm
Phoenix sylvestris Common Name Silver Date Palm Phoenix sylvestris Silver date palm Description Locality: India, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan Cold Hardiness: 22-25s, F. Trunk type: Medium (10-12 inches approximately) sized tan knobby trunk. Leaf type: This palm has long blue/green leaves. The petioles (leafstalks) are armed with long spines. It tends to make "skirt" of old ...
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Date Palm, Phoenix dactylifera
... As an illustration, here are some Pineapple Palms being prepared for transport click pics to enlarge Phoenix palms prefer dryer, cool night conditions so they fruit poorly in tropical and sub-tropical ... not rated as salt tolerant, but they seem fine Another wonder dactylifera style palm is the Wild Date Palm, Phoenix sylvestris, below You may be interested in receiving great tropical plants mail ...

Pygmy Date Palm, Phoenix roebelenii
... Ask your plant question FREE plant drawing weekly Plant below may be available Click the banana to see Pygmy Date Palm Phoenix roebelenii click pic to enlarge Zone 10 Unlike some other date palms (phoenix) ... or the shade of other palms or full sun. Full sun makes the most robust head This palm likes moderate water in well drained soil. The main cultural consideration is proper fertilization. For a ...
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Palm Tree - Species
... Pindo Palm (Jelly Palm) Butia capitata Pygmy Date Palm Phoenix roebelenii Queen Palm Syagrus romanzoffiana Royal Palm Roystonea spp. Senegal Date Palm Phoenix reclinata Sentry Palm Howea forsteriana Washington Palm Washingtonia robusta Windmill Palm Trachycarpus fortunei Yellow Butterfly Palm Chrysalidocarpus lutescens TOP is brought to you by Copyright 2000-2005

Diseases of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)
Diseases of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Title Page Table of Contents Search Common Names of Plant Diseases Diseases of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Howard D. Ohr and John B. Carpenter, primary collators (last update 3/8/93) FUNGAL DISEASES Bayoud* (Fusariose) Fusarium oxysporum Schlechtend.:Fr. f. sp. albedinis Belaat* Phytophthora sp. Bending head* (Le couer qui penche) ...

Floridata: Phoenix rupicola
... many selections like the delicious Medjool date), the massive Canary Island date palm (P. canariensis) and the popular pygmy date palm (Phoenix roebelenii) that is often grown as a houseplant. In addition ... its adaptation to this kind of habitat, it tolerates poor, rocky soils. Culture Light: This palm prefers sun but can tolerate shade. Moisture: Cliff date is drought resistant and requires well ...

Palm Tree Care - Lethal Yellowing
... Palm (T. morrisii) Common Imported Palms Resistant to Lethal Yellowing Alexandra Palm (Archontophoenix alexandrae) Carpentaria Palm (Carpentaria acuminata) Yellow Cane Palm (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens) Pygmy Date Palm (Phoenix roebelenii) MacArthur Palm (Ptychosperma macarthurii) Solitaire Palm (Ptychosperma elegans) Mexican Washingtonia (Washingtonia robusta) Foxtail Palm (Wodyetia bifurcata) ...

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