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overlapping dioon

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Dioon califanoi
Dioon califanoi The Cycad Pages Dioon califanoi Dioon califanoi De Luca & Sabato, Brittonia 31(1): 170-172 (1979). HNAP TYPE: Mexico, Oaxaca, ... leaflets reducing to spines. Leaflets linear, weakly discolorous, not falcate, inserted at 45 to rachis, overlapping upwards; margins flat, entire; median leaflets 6-7 cm long, 7-8 mm wide. Pollen ...

Dioon holmgrenii
Dioon holmgrenii The Cycad Pages Dioon holmgrenii Dioon holmgrenii De Luca, Sabato & Vsq. Torres, Brittonia 33(4): 552-554 (1981). HXALUV TYPE: ... -free for 13-15 cm. Leaflets linear, not falcate, inserted at 60 to rachis, not overlapping; margins flat, dentate; median leaflets 10-12 cm long, 7-9 mm wide. Pollen cones ...
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What's in a (Botanical) Name?
... broadened/wide (L.) [dil-l-TAHT-s] dioica, dioicum, dioicus dioecious (L.) [dy-OI-k] DIOON (Zamiaceae) two + egg (Gr.) [dy-O-ahn] diplomera, diplomerum, diplomerus in two (double) parts ( ... (iguana) + tail (Gr.) [ig-wah-NYOO-r / ig-wah-NOO-r] imbricata, imbricatum, imbricatus imbricate / overlapping (L.) [im-bri-KAIT-] imitans imitating/resembling (L.) [IM-i-tahnz] immersa, immersum, immersus ...

Begonia barkeri - Begoniaceae
... leaves. The bright green cupped leaves with appressed hairs are shallowly lobed with overlapping basal lobes. Leaves will reach 6 inches (15 cm) long by 4.5- ... hybrid "Jaquelyn Thomas" Dendrobium hybrid "Uniwai Pearl" Dendrobium parishii Dieffenbachia amoena Dionaea muscipula Dioon edule Disocactus alatus Dorstenia contrajerva Dorstenia elata Dorstenia foetida Dracaena deremensis 'Lemon Lime' ...

San Antonio Botanical Garden 555 Funston San Antonio Texas - Conservatory/Palm and Cycad House
... shorter and sometimes hard to discern as a cone but rather as a group of overlapping scales. Double Coconut | Lata Palm | Lata Palm | Peaberry Palm | Queen Sago | Palma de Ia Virgen ... dangerous poisons, and then used as food in times of famine. Palma de Ia Virgen Dioon edule Mexico Cycadaceae - Cycad 3 feet Female plants bear edible seeds, attractive hardy ornamental. Old ...

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