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orchidaceae cymbidium

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Plants Index
... Cryptomeria japonica SUGI Taxodiaceae Cycas revoluta SOTETSU Cycadaceae Cymbidium ensifolium SURUGARAN Orchidaceae Cymbidium floribundum KINRYOUHEN Orchidaceae Cymbidium goeringii SHUNRAN Orchidaceae Cymbidium kanran KANRAN Orchidaceae Cymbidium sinense HOUSAIRAN Orchidaceae Cypripedium japonicum KUMAGAISOU Orchidaceae Davallia mariesii SHINOBU Davalliaceae Dendranthema pacificum ISOGIKU ...

Asian Cymbidiums
... of Cymbidium goeringii Family: Orchidaceae Japanese name: TOOYOO RAN Plant type: evergreen plant. Flower: ... Cymbidium goeringii cultivar, called NANKI variegated cultivar of Cymbidium goeringii, called FUJIKAN Cymbidium kanran cultivar, called SHIROTAE enlarged flower image of SHIROTAE Cymbidium kanran cultivar, called BURYO Cymbidium kanran cultivar, called NIKKO variegated cultivar of Cymbidium ...

Japanese Orchids
... winter. Cymbidium x nishiuchianum cultivar ICHIJOO NO HOMARE Cymbidium x nishiuchianum: Japanese name is HARUKANRAN (= spring cold orchid) It is estimated as a natural hybrid between Cymbidium goeringii and Cymbidium ... forms and variegation from the habitat and grew them as foliage plants Family: Orchidaceae Japanese name: SEKKOKU or CHOUSEIRAN Plant type: evergreen and epiphytic. Flower: white, ...