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omoto cultivars

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Rohdea japonica Roth
... OMOTO to everyone. You can enjoy various beautiful images of OMOTO cultivars, decorative pots and UKIYOE (Japanese colored prints). Click here for further information on OMOTO! OMOTO berries in winter potted cultivars at some OMOTO ...

Japanese Sacred Lily
... KOBA OMOTO are created by crossing with CHUUBA OMOTO. KOBA OMOTO cultivars are sold at very expensive prices. FUKOKUDEN MAIKO RIKIWA SHINSEIDEN CHUUBA (= middle sized leaf) OMOTO Leaf ... OMOTO MEIKAN (OMOTO cultivars lists) OMOTO cultivars lists are published by the Japan Rohdea Society every year. This list follows the style of lists of Japanese SUMO wrestlers. cultivar lists of KOBA (RASHA) OMOTO ...
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Ontario Hosta Society:: Winter 1998 Newsletter
... entering our show and to all the judges for the assistance. There were many cultivars on display. I don't have anymore storage space so if you ever see ... Pachyscapa Benkei pycnophylla Setouchi plantaginea Tamano-Kanzashi polyneuron Sudare pulchella Ubatake rectifolia Tachi rhodeifolia Omoto rupifraga Hachijo longipes sacra Sakura shikokiana Shikoku sieboldii Fukurin sieboldiana Ooba or Renge ...

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