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okanagan colville

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Betula papyrifera- Western Paper Birch
... was used to make canoes by the Okanagan-Colville, Thompson, Montana Indian, and Bella Coola. The bark was used to make baskets by the Thompson, Okanagan-Colville, Shuswap, Gitksan, and Bella Coola. Bark was ... by the Thompson. The inner bark was boiled to produce a brown dye by the Okanagan-Colville.

Larix occidentalis- Western Larch
... 2002 Thayne Tuason 2002 Thayne Tuason Plant: Sap hardened and chewed like gum by the Okanagan-Colville, Thompson, and Flathead. The Flathead also used the sap to make a syrup in spring ... decoction of plant tops was used as a wash for cuts and sores by the Okanagan-Colville. Poultice of pitch and fat was used on sores, cuts and bruises. A decoction of ...
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