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oil stains

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Household Hazardous Wastes
... old propane tanks paints pesticides pool chemicals prescription drugs solvents spot removers stains and finishes toilet cleaners used motor oil oven cleaners If you do find these products around your home, there ...

Testing your Water, and Reasons to Test
... dropped these into your well. Your well does not meet current building codes. Your water stains laundry, or fixtures. You have noticed an increased amount of turbidity in your water. Your ... or not), mining operation, a landfill/dump, dry-cleaners, junkyard, heavily salted roadway, or an oil/gas drilling company. Private water users should test at least yearly for bacteria and other ...

... lungs and eyes, and may cause serious illness; direct skin contact may cause irritation, yellow stains, burns, and dermatitis, and more serious effects in humans [29]. In one fatal incident, a ... [1] Solubility in Other Solvents: v.s. in alcohol, ethanol, and heptane; s. in spray oil and in most organic solvents and oils [1] Melting Point: 32-42 C [1] Vapor ...