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nom nud etymology

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Orbea variegata
... healthy with wonderful flowers. Tolerate quite cold temperature, light frost is not a problem . Etymology: The generic name "Orbea" derives from the Latin word “Orbis” meaning "circle, disc", ... Salm-Dyck bifolia Schultes nom. nud. bisulca Schultes buffoniana G. Don buffonis Lodd. bufonia Jacq. bufonis Sims ciliolata Tod. ciliolulata Tod. ex Rüst clypeata J. Donn, num. nud. clypeata Jacq. ...

Ceratozamia kuesteriana
... .n. (holo LE, iso U). [Ceratozamia eriolepis hort. ex J. Schust., Pflanzenr. 99: 132 (1932), nom. nud.] Etymology: Honoring Baron __ von Kuester, patron _? Historical notes: Described in 1857 by German-born ...

Ceratozamia latifolia
... .-Amer., Bot. 3: 192 (1884), nom. nud.] [Eriozamia latifolia hort. ex J. Schust., Pflanzenr. 99: 131 (1932), nom. nud.] [Zamia latifolia Karwinski ex J. Schust., Pflanzenr. 99: 131 (1932), nom. nud.] Etymology: Latin latus, wide, folium, leaf ...
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What does a name mean ?
... complete listing of the meaning of all Notocactus species, see the etymology page and for all species of Turbinicarpus its etymology page. The generic name Notocactus is derived from the Greek words ... Code of Botanical Nomenclature). nomen nudem, nom. nud. or n.n. Indicates that the plant in question has not yet been validly described. nomen provisorium or nom. prov. A provisional name. i.e ...

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