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ngoyanus grows

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Cycad Society SA: Encephalartos ngoyanus
... summer rainfall area with an annual precipitation varying from 750mm to 1000mm. Cultivation & Propagation E. ngoyanus grows well in cultivation but is not a vigorous grower and seldom has more than 8 ... female cone scales of E. ngoyanus are fringed on the lower margin and are almost indistinguishable from those of E. cerinus. In several localities E. ngoyanus grows socially in very close proximity to ...

Cycad Society SA: Encephalartos altensteinii
... latifrons E. lebomboensis E. lehmannii E. longifolius E. middelburgensis E. msinganus E. natalensis E. ngoyanus E. nubimontanus E. paucidentatus E. princeps E. senticosus E. transvenosus E. trispinosus E. umbeluziensis ... species is well known and common in private collections because it propagates easily and grows relatively fast. A specimen of E. altensteinii (see E. longifolius) sent to Kew ...
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