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nestlebrae exotics

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Growing bananas in the home garden in New Zealand
... only take about two years or even less, according to banana triallist John Prince of Nestlebrae Exotics (pers comm April 2002). Site and care The banana is a water loving plant, and ...

Exotic, Rare and Unusual Tropical Fruits
... Guaycuyacu Seed Sales The Banana Tree Seeds The Borneo Seeds Collection FRUIT LOVES SEED CO Nestlebrae Exotics - Plants and Seeds Whatcom Seed Company Trade Winds Fruit CHINA NATIONAL TREE SEED STOCK SEEDS ...

perennial sources
... Elk Mountain Nursery-Mail Order Native Plantscatalog, much info Endangered Species bamboo and unusual exotics from So. California seeds of many plants, online orders, BC Etera One- ... online ordering, NZ N Native Habitat Landscaping seeds, plants for species preservation and research, FL Nestlebrae Exotics seeds for cottage plants, temperate and warm climate, NZ New England Seed Co. seeds ...

Growing plants and animals for food in home gardens and farmlets in New Zealand
... tree, 5 species of passionfruit, surinam cherry, feijoa, cape gooseberry, and more. Bananas and other exotics propagated to order. We have one of the best collections of banana varieties in New ... is at our website - or email us at 2001 Subtropical fruit trees - babaco, hybrid babaco, lucuma, capulin cherry, casimiroa, cherimoya ...

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