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needle distortion

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Yellowing, Dieback and Death of Narrow-Leafed Evergreens, HYG-3034-96
... Needle distortion may be slight, but root damage could be enough to limit water uptake. Tip damage to new growth is a common symptom with some herbicides. Look for needle distortion and twisting, or needle yellowing or browning, depending on the type of herbicide. On spruce, needle purpling and drop is common. Air ...

CURRANTS Fruit Facts
... commonly distort currant foliage causing red spots. Spider mites are common and also cause foliar distortion. Clear-winged borers lay their eggs on stems in late spring. The larvae hatch and ... white pine blister rust, which causes few problems for currants but is lethal for 5-needle pines, including California natives such as Western White (Pinus monticola) and Sugar Pine (P. lambertiana ...

... salt solution with added red food dye, 50ml syringe minus the needle, sufficient degassed or previously boiled and cooled water to fill the ... is ideal for this purpose. A two-mil syringe minus needle, filled with coloured salt solution, connected to a T piece ... larger bore size. Soft wall, silicon tubing shows visible signs of distortion when the saline solution is allowed to flow through it. ...