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molluginaceae carpet weed family

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UCJEPS: Jepson Manual Treatment Indexes
... Rhatany Family LAMIACEAE Mint Family LAURACEAE Laurel Family LENNOACEAE Lennoa Family LENTIBULARIACEAE Bladderwort Family LIMNANTHACEAE Meadowfoam Family LINACEAE Flax Family LOASACEAE Loasa Family LYTHRACEAE Loosestrife Family MALVACEAE Mallow Family MARTYNIACEAE Unicorn-plant Family MELIACEAE Mahogany Family MENYANTHACEAE Buckbean Family MOLLUGINACEAE Carpet-weed Family ...

Index to Families
... Family Linaceae Flax Family Loasaceae Loasa Family (Loranthaceae) Lythraceae Loosestrife Family Malvaceae Mallow Family Marsileaceae Marsilea Family (Menthaceae) Molluginaceae Carpet-weed Family (Najadaceae) Oleaceae Olive Family Onagraceae Evening-primrose Family Orchidaceae Orchid Family Orobanchaceae Broomrape Family Papaveraceae Poppy Family Pinaceae Pine Family Plantaginaceae Plantain Family ...

... Molluginaceae Vascular Plants of Henry W. Coe State Park Presented by ... Haloragaceae Hippocastanaceae Hydrophyllaceae Hypericaceae Juglandaceae Lamiaceae Lauraceae Limnanthaceae Linaceae Loasaceae Lythraceae Malvaceae Molluginaceae Oleaceae Onagraceae Orobanchaceae Molluginaceae Carpet-weed Family *Glinus lotoides. GLINUS. Annual. Bl Aug & probably longer. Dry soil along ...
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