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modem arboriculture

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... more tree problems than all the diseases, fires, floods and insect infestations added together. Modern arboriculture means that tree treatments are based on tree biology. Trees are living systems. In the ... . It is time to start basing tree treatments on tree biology. It is time for modem arboriculture! TCI ďAn author, lecturer and consultant, Dr. Shigo started Shigo and Trees, Associates twenty years ...

... most important, don't read or learn anything new! Modem arboriculture will still mean lots of hard physical work. But ... , training and education. Not to belabor my point, but modem arboriculture must be more than just muscles without the mind. ... modem arborist will have to use his or her mind to decrease the burden of heavy loads and dangerous jobs. The size of the patient will never let arboriculture ...
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