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Atrovirens mirabilis album | AgavePics (Maarten van Thiel) |
... Mapisaga lisa Margaritae Marmorata Maximiliana Maximiliana-katherinae Maximowickziana Mckelveyana Mirabilis Missionum Montana Montana Cv "Bacarat" Montana forms in ... mirabilis Agave atrovirens mirabilis. Various authors claim that this should be named asperrima. Also see A. macroculmis. Thumbnails Album Comments Slideshow | Invite 1. ATROVIRENS-MIRABILIS-Q0 1 comments 2. ATROVIRENS-MIRABILIS ...

Clivia mirabilis
... Clivia mirabilis Clivia mirabilis The leaf of Clivia mirabilis (in the middle of the picture) shows a median white striation as compared to the ... and no population is known outside the Oorlogskloof Nature Reserve, C. mirabilis remains extremely rare in cultivation. In cultivation, C. mirabilis enjoys a humus rich medium and a half-shady environment. Taking ...

Mirabilis jalapa 'Broken Colours'
... Mirabilis jalapa 'Broken Colours' Mirabilis jalapa 'Broken Colours' Trumpet-shaped flowers with marbled colours in pinks, reds and yellows. Flowers ...

... mirabilis Haworthia.Com mirabilis Vendors The List Links Visit the Greenhouse badia badia ... cross beukmannii beukmannii consanquinea consanquinea consanquinea consanguinea diversicolor diversicolor diversicolor diversicolor diversicolor mirabilis mirabilis mirabilis mirabilis sublineata sublineata sublineata sublineata sublineata paradoxia paradoxia paradoxia triebneriana triebneriana triebneriana ...

Welwitschia mirabilis (Succulents)
Welwitschia mirabilis (Succulents) Welwitschia mirabilis (Male plant in cone) Photographer: Tony Mace Owner: Kirkpatrick's Nursery Location: Barstow, California Date: 1980 Height: Approx 12 inches Age: 12 years old from seed Copyright: Freely copyable Very well drained soil and regular watering and spraying

Nepenthes mirabilis
... Nepenthes mirabilis N. mirabilis "echinostoma" purchase date: 11 / 03 arrived as a size 3 plant origin: Cook's Carnivorous Plants photo taken: 7 / 04 N. mirabilis purchase date: 8 / 04 arrived as a ... I'm growing three different varieties: echinostoma, typical green form, and New Guinea purple. N. mirabilis has many different variants available and one of the most widespread distributions of any of ...

Mirabilis jalapa 'Broken Colors' - FOUR O'CLOCKS -
... Plant Gallery and Growing Guide - Perennials Mirabilis jalapa 'Broken Colors' 2005 FOUR O'CLOCKS, MARVEL OF PERU, CLAVILLIA syn. Mirabilis lindheimeri Family: Nyctaginaceae Pronounced: mee-RAH- ... of the "uptightness." Originally named Admirabilis, Linnaeus came along and changed it to Mirabilis the Latin word for wonderful. Pharmacists who mistakenly believed that the purgative jalap ...

Plants with Attitude
... habitat, it seems to like a more dense, peaty compost. Watering: Unlike most Nepenthes, N. mirabilis prefers to sit in water. Cultivation Difficulty: Easy (1). Propagation: Easy from cuttings; some varieties ... grasslands; usually below 200 m, but up to 1500 m.1 N. mirabilis v. smilesii upper pitcher N. mirabilis is a an easy lowlander. Many forms exist, the most beautiful being v ...

Clivia News mirabilis miniata nobilis
Clivia News mirabilis miniata nobilis Home | Discussion Forum | Membership | Articles | Seed | Feature Plant | Breaking News | Links | Editorial | Contact Us Breaking News 2003 American Clivia Society Home | Discussion Forum | Membership | Articles | Seed | Feature Plant | Breaking News | Links | Editorial | Contact Us

Floridata: Mirabilis jalapa
... Floridata: Mirabilis jalapa Welcome Login Register (Free!) Welcome (homepage) Floridata Member Pages Register (free!) Login Plant Encyclopedia ... now and receive a free gift of Tulip Topper wildflower seeds with every bulb order. Mirabilis jalapa Common Names: four o' clock, marvel-of-Peru, beauty-of-the-night Family: Nyctaginaceae ...

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