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Diseases of Mimulus, Monkey-Flower (Mimulus hybridus hort. ex Siebert & Voss)
Diseases of Mimulus, Monkey-Flower (Mimulus hybridus hort. ex Siebert & Voss) Title Page Table of Contents Search Common Names of Plant Diseases Diseases of Mimulus, Monkey-Flower (Mimulus hybridus hort. ex Siebert & Voss) Margery Daughtrey, collator (last update 5/25/00) BACTERIAL DISEASES Crown gall Agrobacterium tumefaciens (Smith and Townsend 1907) Conn 1942 FUNGAL DISEASES Botrytis ...

Annuals A-Z: Mimulus, by Graham Rice
Annuals A-Z: Mimulus, by Graham Rice Mimulus (Monkey flower) Mimulus 'Viva' copyright 1999 Graham Rice. All Rights Reserved. All Images Digitally Watermarked.

Annuals A-Z: Mimulus (Monkey flower) 'Viva', by Graham Rice
... ; full sun to half shade, moist soil. How's this for a spectacular plant! Some mimulus are grown as perennials in the water garden or in damp patches in the rock garden & ... early flowering perennials where their green foliage can provide a good background for these sparkling flowers. Mimulus (Monkey flower) A-Z copyright 1998 Graham Rice. All Rights Reserved. All Images Digitally Watermarked.
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Mimulus 'Calypso'
Mimulus 'Calypso' Mimulus 'Calypso' Versatile annual that grows well in shade, and in wet areas. Large, spotted flowers in reds, yellows and oranges. Grows 6" to 10" tall. Many blooms per plant. Look best in my opinion if planted in a large group. Dislikes dry soil, don't let them dry right out. We start these indoors under florescent lights, very easy to grow your own this way. Glen's score: 7. ...

Mimulus cardinalis - SCARLET MONKEY FLOWER -
... Northwest via Southwestern Oregon. We proudly claim this brightly colored flower as a Northwest native. Mimulus cardinalis inhabits shady, wet places from streamsides to seepages. The plant spreads by rhizomes and ... does not spread as much, but does reseed in my gravel walkways. Bees pollinate most mimulus, but M. cardinalis pollination is the task of the hummingbird. This hummingbird magnet is quite ...

Growing Mimulus Flowering Annuals - Virtual Flowers Australia
... to semi-shade. Height: 30cm Planting Distance: 20-30cm Colour: A mixture of warm bright colours red, yellow, bronze. Use: Bedding displays, borders, rockeries, bog gardens, tubs. Pictured above: Mimulus. Home | About us | Articles | Perennials | Resources | Sitemap | Link to us | Hotel reviews | Plush Toys | Art for sale | Home hardware | Garden Decor | Recipes Australia | Contact us All content ...

Arboretum Gallery
Arboretum Gallery Mimulus Home | Gallery

Fernlea Flowers ~ Annual Flowers: Mimulus
... Geranium zonal Gerbera daisy Gomphrena Helichrysum Heliotrope Hypoestes Impatiens Impatiens double Impatiens fiesta Impatiens NG Iresine Lantana Lobelia Marigold Marguerite daisy Melampodium Mimulus Nemesia Nicotiana Osteospermum Pansy Pentas Petunia Petunia wave Phlox Platycodon Plumbago Purslane Ruellia Salvia Scaevola Scutellaria Setcreasea Snapdragon Strawberry Strobilanthes Torenia Verbena ...

Mimulus guttatus Seep Monkey Flower.
... , usually it is like a seep, comes back next year. Click here for more about Monkeys in Mimulus guttatus tolerates full sun, part sun, sand, clay, serpentine, no drainage, seasonal flooding,and deer. Mimulus guttatus' ... s flower color is Yellow , and is edible. Communities for Seep Monkey Flower Riparian (rivers & creeks) Ranges for Mimulus guttatus pH: 5 to 8 Height: 0.3 to 1 [m] Width: 0.3 to 1 [m] ...

Mimulus ringens
... HortLine Pests > Gardening Tips Trials XPLOR Classes Plant Information > Plants in Bloom Problem Calendar Plants of Merit Pots to Planks Features Volunteers Master Search Praise Gardening Help Mimulus ringens Kemper Code: Z410 Common Name: Allegheny monkey flower Zone: 3 to 8 Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial Family: Scrophulariaceae Missouri Native: Yes Native Range: North America Height: 1 to 3 ...

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