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midrib leaflets not articulated

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The Cycad Pages
... in the Stangeriaceae, or in the Zamiaceae. Distinguishing characters: Leaves bipinnate Leaflets lacking a midrib Leaflets not articulated Sporophylls in vertical rows in cones Key to the species. Click ... involute. Leaflets with circinate ptyxis and often a true terminal leaflet, lower leaflets not reduced to spines. Petioles lacking spines or prickles. Leaflets flat, lacking a midrib, with numerous ...

The Cycad Pages
... Zamiaceae; Mexico, Honduras & Nicaragua Distinguishing characters: Leaves pinnate Leaflets lacking a midrib Leaflets not articulated Sporophylls not in vertical rows in cones Megasporophyll apices broadly flattened, ... ptyxis erect. Leaflets simple, frequently with spiny margins, with numerous bifurcating parallel veins and no distinct midrib, leaflets broad-based, not articulated, inserted near ...
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... of rhizome. Scales glabrous or bearing multiseptate hairs, basifixed, base not cordate. Stipes articulated at the base to phyllopodia, grooved or not, glabrous. Lamina compound, tripinnate or quadripinnate (rarely in small ... leaflets linear oblong or narrowly ovate, lobed almost to the midrib. Ultimate segments 5--27 x 2--6 mm. Leaf axes glabrous. Margins of the lamina of each leaflet not thickened. ...

Canary Islands Flora - Arid Habitat
... centimeters. The trunk has very small and articulated grey-green branches, with opposite ramifications, which ... meters - with 100-150 couples of leaflets, coriaceous but flexible. These leaflets have auxiliary double series of ... hairless or with only few hairs along the midrib. The flowers are grouped in flower- ... Pinillo It is a small prostrate wooden shrub not higher than 60 centimeters, igneous and much ...

Cycad International : Katherine NT Australia
... counterparts in other genera, the megasporophylls of Cycas do not form a determinate female cone, although they are somewhat ... non-articulated leaflets, broadly inserted along the leaf rachises and Dioon is thus the only New World cycad having non-articulated ... bearing about 80 recurved leaflets inserted on the side. The leaflets, glossy dark-green, have parallel veins, lack a midrib, are straplike ...

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