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microsporangiate cones

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The Cycad Pages
... tomentum pilose densely floccose microsporangiate cones globose ovoid narrowly ovoid fusiform microsporangiate cones yellow orange brown green cream microsporangiate cones cm long microsporangiate cones cm diam. microsporophyll lamina ... Subsection Indosinenses 1 Phelloderm (bark) smooth 2 Male cones fusiform -- Cycas chamaoensis 2* Male cones ellipsoid to ovoid 3 Apical microsporophyll spine long -- ...

Cycas aculeata
... long leaves with long petioles bearing long slender spines and a light orange-brown tomentum. Microsporangiate cones are small in size with rounded microsporophylls which lack any apiculus. It is most similar ... below or raised below. Cataphylls narrowly triangular, soft, pilose, 80-100 mm long, persistent. Pollen cones narrowly ovoid or fusiform, 15-20 cm long, 4-6 cm diam.; microsporophyll lamina ...
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Cycad biology: Dinosaur Food and Maiden Hair
... reflect this (eg. sago palm). Cycads are usually dioecious, so the sporophyte either produces microsporangiate cones or megasporangiate cones...not both. Thus each cycad is functionally either male or female. Your book takes ...

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