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melampyrum sylvaticum

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Melampyrum sylvaticum :: Flora of Northern Ireland web site
... Melampyrum sylvaticum :: Flora of Northern Ireland web site :: Flora of Northern Ireland :: Previous Species Figworts Species List Next Species Melampyrum sylvaticum Scrophulariaceae Small Cow-wheat Click on the ... . (More details) This is a UK Priority plant species. (More details) All names: Melampyrum sylvaticum L. © National Museums and Galleries of Northern Ireland and Environment and Heritage ...

Code of conduct for the conservation and enjoyment of wild plants
... binervosum s.l.                    Rock Sea-lavender Limosella aquatica                              Mudwort Lycopodiella inundata                        Marsh Clubmoss Melampyrum sylvaticum                      Small Cow-wheat Mentha pulegium                                Pennyroyal Mertensia maritima                             Oysterplant Monotropa hypopitys                         Yellow Bird ...

Protected plant species in Northern Ireland
... vagans Erigeron acer Frangula alnus Geranium sylvaticum Gymnocarpium dryopteris Hierochloe odorata Hordelymus europaeus Hottonia palustris Hypochaeris glabra Lathyrus palustris Limonium binervosum Limosella aquatica Lycopodiella inundata Melampyrum sylvaticum Mentha pulegium Mertensia maritima Monotropa hypopitys ...

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