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medicinal value

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A Modern Herbal - Editor's Introduction
... and no new herbals were compiled. The botanical books ignored the medicinal properties of plants and the medical books contained no plant ... a herbal was the combination of traditional plant lore, the medicinal properties of the herbs, and their botanical classification. From ... .g. the Scarlet Pimpernel, the Burdock, the Red Clover. The medicinal value of Nettles is indicated by their sting; they are ... - A Modern Herbal | Basil, Bush - Herb Profile and Information
... it would prosper. The physicians of old were quite unable to agree as to its medicinal value, some declaring that it was a poison, and others a precious simple. Culpepper tells us ... rich soil. ---Part Used Medicinally---The whole herb, both fresh and dried, gathered in July. ---Medicinal Action and Uses---Aromatic and carminative. Though generally employed in cooking as a flavouring, Basil ...
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November 2003 Newsletter
... all cities would plant roses in their public gardens, as they were thought to have medicinal value. The Crusades introduced new roses into Europe, including new strains of Damask and Gallica roses ... 'the Apothocary's Rose' or 'Officinalis' were often tucked away by goodwives and others for medicinal purposes. John Gerard's Herball in 1597 listed 16 different roses, grown in his Holborn ...

Medicinal Use of Citrus
... Ethnobotany Research Selected References Footnotes Disclaimer Copyright Infomation Medicinal Use of Citrus Medicinal Use of Citrus1 J.J. Ferguson2 Introduction The herbal and medicinal value of plants appears in all early ... been pushed out in favor of seedless pink and red grapefruit, may have greater medicinal value because of high limonoid glycosides in seeds than seedless pink and red cultivars. ...

The Gardener's Net: Herb Gardens
... category of herb. If so, you are right! Medicinal Value: Since ancient times, herbs were, and continue to be used for a wide variety of medicinal purposes. Some herbs, most notably Garlic, ... good site with lots of information, even poetry and folklore. Traditional Herbs for Winter Interest Medicinal Herb Garden from the University of Washington. Sponsors - Browse Now! ***** About this Herb: Anise ...

Yarrow, Achillea millefolium
... over the ornamental. The ornamental species are bred for smell or color, not usually for medicinal value. "Look ma, no spellcheck!" Howie B Homepage - Apprenticeships - Workshops - Catalog

Herbal Smoking Mixtures
... States. Good smoking barks are usually astringents, and have medicinal value for external burns, cuts, etc. Smoked, however, they have no medicinal effects, and no apparent physiological effect other than ... flavor and texture. Experiment to find the one you like the best. Willows have medicinal effects internally. They contain salicylates that act like aspirin to relieve inflammation, lower fevers ...
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Medicinal Herbs
... free newsletter The Herb Garden Everything you need to know about herbs and edible plants Medicinal Herbs 101 (well almost) uses for Violas There are numerous varieties of viola freely available ... be used to medicinal effect: the leaf, flowers, root and whole-plant tincture. The slipperiness of the leaf when you chew it is a good indicator of its medicinal value. The salicylic acid ...

Herb and Perennial catalog legend showing culinary, dried flower, fragrant, herbaceous, ornamental, sun, deciduous, evergreen, medicinal, and drougt resistant designations
... Perennial catalog legend showing culinary, dried flower, fragrant, herbaceous, ornamental, sun, deciduous, evergreen, medicinal, and drougt resistant designations The following designations are used throughout the catalog: B- ... providing them shelter, food or nectar. MEDICINAL: These plants are listed in A Modern Herbal; by M. Grieve, and others, as having medicinal value. Don't try to be your own ...

Seabuckthorn value-added
... s New Basic Facts Multipurpose China Publications Library Commerce Partners กก Multipurpose use > Value-added Value-added Notwithstanding the differing and complex legal frameworks which govern the introduction ... Click here for information on seabuckthorn recipes. Medical use: There are different seabuckthorn medicinal products and uses. Pioneering countries in the development of such products are ...

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