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mathematical puzzles

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Biology/Botany Trivia
... presented here are based on facts, we may include some fantastic propositions and preposterous mathematical projections that are impossible to observe, difficult (if not impossible) to prove, not likely ... Stem And Root Anatomy  March 1999: Major Botanical Divisions  July 1998: Some WAYNE'S WORD Puzzles  March 1998: Diversity Of Flowering Plants  February 1998: The Five Kingdoms Of Life Return ...

AP January 2005 - What Kind of Smart is Your Child?
... Gardner sectioned the types of intelligence into seven categories: Linguistic Intelligence (word smart) Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (number/reasoning smart) Spatial Intelligence (picture smart) Musical Intelligence (music smart) ... people or things. Enjoys movies, slide or photographs. Can easily do jigsaw puzzles or mazes. Daydreams. Activities for the Spatial Thinker: Provide art classes or ...

Open Directory - Science: Math: Recreations: Games and Puzzles
... Puzzles - Logic puzzles and riddles with some solutions. MatheMagic - A collection of mathematical puzzles, jokes and articles. MatheMajik - Indian site featuring calculation tricks and math puzzles. Mathematical Games - A collection of pencil and paper games with mathematical ...