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martin frobisher

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Martin Frobisher - Rugosa Rose
Martin Frobisher - Rugosa Rose Martin Frobisher 1968 Rose Index Rugosas

Martin Frobisher
... Martin Frobisher Martin Frobisher Explorer Series (Picture of the rose bush below) The first Explorer rose, Martin Frobisher, was introduced in 1968. This hardy rugosa, which flowers freely throughout the ... was obtained from an open pollination of the rugosa shrub Schneezwerg. Back Martin Frobisher Série Explorateur Le Martin Frobisher, premier rosier de la série Explorateur, a été homologué en 1968. ...

rosa Martin Frobisher
... rosa Martin Frobisher Martin Frobisher (Department of Agriculture, Canada, 1968) Shrub 'Schneezwerg' seeding 8' I just love this rose. Lovely ... that when those raggedy blossoms are hacked off regularly, this is a reliable repeat-bloomer!] Martin Frobisher was the first of the Canadian Explorer Series roses. Lots more information is available about ...

Alaska Gardening Archives
... , a rose worth trying in my zone 3-4 Alaskan home due to its hardy Martin Frobisher heritage. Well coming all the way from Alaska does has its merits! From our conversation ...

Gardening with Roses Alaskan Style
... so much, we planted two more Prairie Dawns either side of the gray arbor. 3. Martin Frobisher - is an Canadian Explorer rose. Like most of our plants this rose has been moved ... its space. We plan on moving it this spring to a corner of the garden. Martin Frobisher Here are links where you can purchase hardy roses: http://highcountryroses ...
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... Illusion X William Baffin Prairie Harvest X R-15 Acicularis (tetraploid) X R-15 (Martin Frobisher X OP) X Will Alderman (Folksinger X Illusion) X R-15 Prairie Harvest X ... . Martin Frobisher daughter X Therese Bugnet granddaughter Hawkeye Belle X open pollinated Three Therese Bauer seedlings Fuchsia Meidiland X open pollinated Three Nearly Wild Seedlings, Henry Hudson seedling Two Martin Frobisher X ...

MartFXThereBugnet 1999 Martin Frobisher daughter X Therese Bugnet granddaughter seedling that flowered while still in the sunroom. It has a very sweet smell. Return to seedling menu page.
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... de Richeleu Moss: Common Moss Rene d'Anjou Gloire des Mousseux - Moss Henry Martin - Moss - 1863 Louis Gimard - Moss Salet - Moss General Kleber - moss William Lobb - moss Chinas ... Harrison's Yellow - shrub - 1830 Rosa Hugonis Linda Campbell - very attractive red rugosa hybrid Martin Frobisher Nymphenburg - hybrid musk - Pink Grootendorst - Rugosa Red Grootendorst - Rugosa Queen of the Prairies - ...

The Rose Garden - Photos and Articles about Roses in New Zealand
... Bruxelles Lordly Oberon Madam Hardy Mme Legras de St Germain Mme Plantier Marie de Blois Martin Frobisher Matwhero Magic Maxima Moinean Moonlight Common Moss Mrs Oakley Fisher Mutabilis New Dawn Old Blush ...

Rose Exchange
... Polestar Modern shrub Bonica 82 Kathleen Seafoam Moss Common moss Glorie des mousseux Henri martin rose Nuits de young William lobb Moss rose Louis gimard Moyesii Nevada Native to ... Fru dagmar hastrup Henry hudson Jens munk Jenz munk Jessica lauren Kaitlyn ainsley Marie bugnet Martin frobisher Pink grootendorst Pink pavement Polareis Pristine pavement Purple pavement R. Rugosa alba Roseraie de ...

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