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marsh orchid

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Orchid2 Species: Dactyloriza fistulosa (or maculata ?) Nom Français: Le dactylorhize de mai? English Name: flowering times: Late May - June Notes: Uncertain - a Marsh orchid Back to the index

Derbyshire Wildflowers
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... a try!                                                           WORKSHOPS      We need a few members to give a workshop on orchid culture, repotting, deflasking, compots, etc. on Saturday or Sunday.  The public wants your ... enjoyed a slide program from the Orchid Digest and narrated by Sandy Ohlund '40 Species Everyone Should Have in Their Greenhouse' by Fordyce 'Red' Marsh. Thank you Ann. Sandy ...

Kingston Orchid Society - Template.
... of Cattleya labiata" , an experience at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Orchid Identification Centre , Sarasota, Florida and an Orchid trip to Guatemala by John Follen November 26, 2006: 'So ... great opportunity to increase your collection. April 22, 2007: Orchid culture and repotting demonstration May 27, 2007: Mario Ferrusi of Marsh Hollow Orchids---topic TBA. Please Note: There is ...

Orchid societies inthe United Kingdom - The North of England Orchid Society
... 6NN Telephone 01132 942958 Harrogate Orchid Society are trying to organise a coach trip to the EOC in Padua 2006, anyone interested should contact Ted Croot, 11, Marsh House Rd. Sheffield S11 9SP tel 0114 2362283 Hinckley & District Orchid Society Mr. Keith Bates 79 Hereford Close, Barwell, Leicester, LE9 8HU Telephone 01455 845703 Lea Valley Orchid Society Jim ...

The Orchid House - Phragmipedium Species and Hybrids
... Orchid House - Phragmipedium Species and Hybrids The Orchid House Phragmipedium Species and Hybrids SPECIES amazonica = richteri andreettae besseae boissierianum brasiliense campacci caricinum ... brasiliense x fisheri Maria Glanz besseae x wallisii Marmotier Hanne Popow x Petit Port Marsh Wiggle Urgandiae x warscewiczianum Mary Bess caricinum x besseae Meditation caricinum x warscewiczianum Memoria ...

Canadian Orchid Vendors
... Suite 15 - 270 West Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1B4, 905-882-1221 Marsh Hollow Orchids, (Mario Ferrusi) 1129 Cream St., Fenwick ON (905)892-4187 email: mferrusi@ ... 3319 Fax:905-727-3319 (John Marcotte, Marcotte Enterprises Orchid Farm) Hamilton, Ontario E-mail: Wholesale grower of Vanda Orchids. Plant Exotica ...
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... send them to Jim McIntosh to be incorporated into the Threatened Plants Database. Above: Northern Marsh-orchid, Dactylorhiza purpurella, a northern species that is currently bucking the trend and spreading southwards across ...

Code of conduct for the conservation and enjoyment of wild plants
... Dactylorhiza traunsteineri                  Narrow-leaved Marsh-orchid Dryas octopetala                                Mountain Avens Elatine hydropiper                              Eight-stamened Waterwort Eleocharis parvula                             Dwarf Spike-rush Epipactis palustris                              Marsh Helleborine E. phyllanthes                                     Green ...
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Delaware Orchid Society
Delaware Orchid Society February 2005 Tables ... Ascda. Laksi Red Chang Paph Philippinense x chamberlainainum John Rogan Phrag Schlemii 'Birchwood' Jennifer Weaver Den. Spectable John Rogan Cymbidium Zyg. Rheln Clown Carolyn and Marsh Watts Vuyl. Aloha Passion Sandy and Bill James Paph. Jennifer Weaver ©2005, The Delaware Orchid Society, a 501(c)3 Organization

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