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Maples FAQ Page
... have been provided by other users and our staff. How do you plant a Japanese Maple? If you don't see what you're looking for, you may want to use ...

Maples Forum - GardenWeb
... posted on Fri, Nov 10, 06 at 18:22 Please help identify my maple! Posted by: organic_bonsaiguy DE on Tue, Nov 7, 06 at 0:45 ... last one posted on Thu, Nov 9, 06 at 1:41 Interesting Trident maple observation Posted by: alexander3 6 on Wed, Nov 8, 06 at 14: ... follow-up, posted on Sun, Nov 5, 06 at 20:30 Princeton Gold Maple (Acer platanoides) guidence Posted by: mrsoutdoorsr 7, Maryland on Sun, Nov 5, ... - Flowering Maple (Abutilon species and hybrids), : Chinese Lantern, Parlor Maple
... Maple (Abutilon species and hybrids), : Chinese Lantern, Parlor Maple House Plant Guide Flowering Maple (Abutilon species and hybrids) Other common Names Chinese Lantern, Parlor Maple Light High Care ... tabletop or windowsill plant Common Varities: Description Featured variety: Flowering Maple ‘Limelight’ The Flowering Maple has been a popular flowering houseplant since Victorian times. Featuring ...

Maple The leaf margin has rounded teeth The leaf margin has pointed teeth

Bigleaf Maple
... Bigleaf Maple Bigleaf Maple Canyon Maple Oregon Maple White maple Acer macrophyllum The Bigleaf Maple has 8-14inch leaves. Because of it's cool habitat, the bark is often patchy ...
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Japanese Maple
... Japanese Maple Japanese Maple - Acer palmatum General Information: This maple is native to China and Japan. Its botanical name comes from its leaves, which have ... not leave the wire on for more than six months. The trunk of a young maple can be shaped by tying it to a stake so that it is bent in ...

Questions On Maple
... N.D.) A: I doubt that any fertilizer will pull your Amur maple out of its chlorotic funk. Generally, when a tree is ... indestructible, although they can be hit by cottony maple scale, fall webworm and maple bladdergall mite, as well as a host of other ... performance in many areas. Encourage good growth of your amur maple throughout the summer with watering and fertilization. Do not fertilize after ...

Ashleaf Maple (Boxelder) - sometimes misidentified as poison ivy - (
... maple, ash maple, black ash, boxelder, boxelder maple, California boxelder, cut-leaved maple, inland boxelder, manitoba maple, negundo maple, red river maple, stinking ash, sugar ash, three-leaved maple, western boxelder Family: Aceraceae (maple ... Trees: Maple
... mycorrhizal fungi, click here. Browse the Maple Section Introduction Soil Improvement Fertilizing Types of Maple Insects & Diseases Register Your Maple PRODUCTS FOR YOUR MAPLE TREE Flat-rate shipping ¤ Shipping is free on orders over $100 Maple Care Kits Including: ...

... : 5 - 15 m The Japanese appreciate cherry blossoms in spring and maple leaves in autumn. In autumn, we go to mountains for ... now and recently they have become popular in other countries. Maple Website The website "Maple" gives you wide-ranging information on Japanese maples ... the UK, you can order their Japanese maples. maple trees with red leaves in autumn Maple leaves become red in autumn red leaf ...

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