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making apple sauce

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Growing, Harvesting, and Using Culinary Herbs in the Home Garden, HYG-1612-99
... by Chinese and then ancient Greeks. Fresh leaves are excellent for making herbal vinegars and butter, while the blooms can also be ... flowers, and stems can be used to flavor cabbage, vinegars, butter, apple pie, butter, cakes, and bread. Dill should be direct-seeded ... , and rice. Fresh leaves can also be used in salads, tartar sauce, and French dressing. French tarragon is a woody perennial that ...

Quick 'n Easy Stain Removal
... more firmly with durable press fabrics than with untreated fabrics, making removal more difficult. Fabrics Labeled "Dry-clean Only" The ... Cologne Felt-tip water color pen or washable ink Fruit juice (apple, grape, orange) Soft drinks Tea Tomato juice Fresh tannin ... liquid detergent into stain before washing. Barbecue sauce Calomine lotion Catsup or tomato sauce Cocoa or chocolate Face make-up (powder, ...

Apples - A Guide To Selection And Use, HYG-1402-92
... for eating out of hand or in fresh salads. The fruit of many apple varieties are also excellent for making a wide variety of cooked products. Apples best suited to particular uses ... Freezing for Slicing Jonathan Golden Delicious Stayman Winesap Red Delicious Grimes Golden McIntosh Freezing for Sauce Yellow Transparent Wealthy Cortland McIntosh Freezing for Baking Baldwin Northern Spy Cider The best ...