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making apple sauce

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Open Directory - Home: Cooking: Herbs and Spices: Edible Flowers: Roses
... Hip Nut Bread, Rose Hip Crumble Pie, and Rose Hip Apple Sauce. Crystallized Rose Petals - Paint egg white over all the surfaces ... . Rose Petal & Lavender Angel Food Cake - Served with a plum sauce. Rose Petal Brulee with Berry Compote - Features orange juice, frozen ... making machine. Rose Petal Jam - Made with red cabbage roses, sugar, water, and lemon. Rose Petal Pears with Maple-Lemon Sauce ...

Open Directory - Home: Cooking: Fish and Seafood
... sauce served on shells. Coated Fried Fish Fillets - A simple recipe for making fried fish. Cold Boiled Perch with Mayonnaise Sauce - Poached perch is spread with a mayonnaise, caper, and hot sauce ... of recipes including Pompano Almondine and Pompano with mango beurre blanc. Rockfish Braised in Apple Juice - Accompanied by wilted baby spinach with pinenuts and golden raisins, serving four. Salmon ...

Open Directory - Home: Cooking: Pasta
... Cooking Italian - Recipes for pasta, authentic pasta sauces, cookbooks and instructions for making homemade raviolis and lasagna. Cooking Light - Pasta World Tour - Pictures and brief overview of ... sauce recipes, as well as tips for buying and cooking pasta. Pasta Dough from Hugs's Homeheart - A very large collection of recipes from Afghanistan curry pasta to zucchini pasta, including apple ...