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Lycium barbarum, matrimony vine
... Lycium barbarum, matrimony vine Lycium barbarum L. Family: Solanaceae (nightshade) Common name: matrimony vine Synonym: Lycium halimifolium, Lycium vulgare Shrub to 3 m (9 ft) tall. Stems arching or sometimes climbing, ... of the U. S. Habitat: Old homesites, roadsides, abandoned fields. NWI status: none Comment: Lycium refers to the ancient country of Lycia in Asia Minor; barbarum may refer to ...

Lycium pallidum, pale wolfberry
... Lycium pallidum, pale wolfberry Lycium pallidum Miers Family: Solanaceae (nightshade) Common name: pale wolfberry Much-branched shrub to 2 m ( ... Utah and California and south to Mexico. Habitat: Gravelly hillsides, arroyos. NWI status: none Comment: Lycium refers to the ancient country of Lycia in Asia Minor; pallidum refers to the pale ...
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Flora of China Illustrations
... TROPICOS database records and the TROPICOS Image Index. Examples: Premna Ajuga Scutellaria Ainisodus & Atropanthe Lycianthes Lycium Mandragora Physaliastrum Physochlainia Przewalskia Solanum Tubocapsicum Withania Copyright Information Back to Home Page

Box Thorn
... Asia during the early to mid 1700s was given its European name--Lycium barbarum--by Linneaus. This medium-sized shrub was not showy enough ... explorers were part-time ethnobotanists long before the term was created. So Lycium barbarum traveled to Europe, where it didn't make much of a ... point that many of the more than 20 species in the Lycium genus are native to North America. If you want to see L ...

Alpine Garden Society
... Lotononis Lotus Lowe Loxostemon Loxostigma Lozoyo Lucilia Luetkea Luina Lupinus Lutzia Luzula Luzuriaga Lyallia Lychnis Lycium Lycopodium Lygodesmia Lygos Lyonia Lyperanthus Lysichiton Lysimachia Lysionotus Lythrum Lyttel Lyttel Trophy Show Results Join ...

Hawaiian Native Plants, UH Botany
... , ko'oko'olau Lobelia Campanulaceae kuhi'aikamo'owahie, liua, mo'owahie, opelu, pu'e, panaunau Lycium Solanaceae 'ohelo kai, 'ae'ae, 'akulikuli 'ae'ae, 'akulikuli kai, 'akulikuli 'ohelo Lysimachia Primulaceae lehua ...

Wisflora: Wisconsin Vascular Plants - Genera
... Linum Liparis Lipocarpha Listera Lithospermum Littorella Lobelia Lobularia Lolium Lonicera Lotus Ludwigia Lupinus Luzula Lychnis Lycium Lycopersicon Lycopodiella Lycopodium Lycopus Lygodesmia Lysimachia Lythrum M Maclura Madia Maianthemum Malaxis Malcolmia Malus Malva ...

Wisconsin Vascular Plants: Search Results
... -cherry Chamaesaracha grandiflora (Hook.) Fernald Physalis grandiflora Hook. Lycium (Genus Information, Photo Gallery and Map Gallery) Lycium barbarum L. + matrimony-vine Lycium halimifolium Mill. Lycium vulgare Dunal Lycopersicon (Genus Information, Photo Gallery and Map ...
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CalFlora Family Index S
... (1) Simmondsiaceae Simmondsia (1) Solanaceae Atropa (1) Capsicum (1) Cestrum (2) Chamaesaracha (2) Datura (4) Lycium (14) Lycopersicon (2) Nicandra (1) Nicotiana (11) Oryctes (1) Petunia (2) Physalis (13) Salpichroa (1 ...

... Lupinus prunophilus Lupinus pusillus Lupinus saxosus Lupinus sparsiflorus var. inopinatus Lycianthes rantonnettii Lycium barbarum Lycium brevipes Lycium chinense Lycium ferocissimum Lycium pallidum Lycium parishii Lycium torreyi Lycium verrucosum Lycopersicon peruvianum Lycopus americanus Lycopus asper Lycurus phleoides var. phleoides ...
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