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luxurious drape

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Microfibers: Functional Beauty, HYG-5546-96
... create a depth and a body to fabrics from which they are made. Fabrics have luxurious drape. Although fine and lightweight, they don't exhibit a flimsy quality. The many tiny ... Properties of Microfiber Fabrics Microfiber fabrics are generally lightweight, resilient or resist wrinkling, have a luxurious drape and body, retain shape, and resist pilling. Also, they are relatively strong and durable in ...

Lyocell - One Fiber, Many Faces, HYG-5572-99
... be made into microfibers (very fine fibers), offering depth and body to fabrics combined with luxurious drape. Short staple length fibers give a cotton-like look to fabrics. Long filament fibers are ... and costs decrease, expect to see more lyocell in moderately priced apparel. Lyocells soft drape and luxurious hand make it very desirable in womens fashion garments as well as mens shirts, particularly ...
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The Indoor Gardener's Web-zine: Evergreen Indoors
... About Us Links Feedback Photo Gallery Write For Us Evergreen Indoors Hilary Evans Evergreens are luxurious trees, which keep their color throughout winter, and produce cones and berries. They are a ... lights should be avoided, although most decorative lights for use indoors are cool enough to drape on your evergreen. Boughs can also be adorned with bows, ribbons and ornaments. To keep ...