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lower pitcher

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N. masoalensis Lower Pitcher
N. masoalensis Lower Pitcher

N. boschiana lower pitcher
N. boschiana lower pitcher
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... , tropical mountains or in forests with lower altitudes. They also grow between bushes in open, dry areas. Depending on the species, the pitcher can reach up to 35 centimetres ... of direct sunlight. Structure of a typical Nepenthes upper pitcher (A) and lower pitcher (B), and detail of the pitcher rim showing the position of the nectar glands between the teeth ...

... inches high. Can be found in green and red variations. N. mirabilis peristome N. mirabilis lower pitcher N. rafflesiana Next to N. gracilis the most prolific species found in Brunei. There are ... swamp N. gracilis lower pitcher N. biclacarata. Easily distinguished by the two fangs growing underneath the lid and by the large hook growing on the back of the pitcher midway between the peristome ...

... present. Lower pitcher. The peristome very similar to the ampullaria and the body shape of an obvious cross between the parents Upper pitcher showing ... echinostoma A very rare hybrid, I have seen only one plant A lower pitcher. It has the shape of the Bical with the hook ... due to the varieties of Raf, there are many more variations. Lower pitcher of a different plant. This time a cross with a normal ...
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International Carnivous Plant Society
... lower half. Upper quarter. Position of pitcher hip in lower pitchers. Lower third to quarter. Immediately beneath peristome. Table 1. Distinguishing characteristics between N. mirabilis and N. rowanae. Figure 1: A lower pitcher ...

International Carnivous Plant Society
... hairs. The pitcher’s lid is slightly more rounded than the lid of the lower pitcher. To maintain these unique characters, this cultivar should only be reproduced by vegetative means. ... 73 • 2300 RA Leiden • The Netherlands Figure 1: Nepenthes ‘Hortulanus Otten’; lower pitcher (left), upper pitcher (right). Photographs by Art Vogel. Pinguicula ‘Florian’ Submitted: 9 March 2003 This ...
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Mirek Holub Photographs List
... pitcher N22/11A Nepenthes rafflesiana - lower pitcher N18/22 Nepenthes rafflesiana - lower pitcher N31/36A Nepenthes rafflesiana - lower pitcher N45/21 Nepenthes sangvinea x gracilima - lower pitcher N38/1 Nepenthes ventricosa x dubia - lower pitcher N43/36 Nepenthes ventricosa - lower pitcher ...

Nepenthes bongso
... pitcher N. bongso {photo taken 6/04} upper pitcher {photo taken 6 / 04} N. bongso purchase date: 12 / 01 arrived as ... cutting from Exotica Plants; purchased from CP Jungle photo taken: 3 / 06 {lower pitcher} photo taken: 11 / 05 N. bongso "Wistuba" purchase date: 6 / 05 ... looks similar to my N. carunculata in regards to leaf structure and pitcher shape but it's still too early to tell what this ...

Plant Delights Nursery -- Building a Pitcher Plant Bog
... the Redneck Lupines Bizarre Plants Only a Mother Could Love Building a Pitcher Plant Bog Cacti in the Southeast Cutting Thru The Jungle-Native ... Tony's Top Ten Hosta Myths The Trademark Myth Building a Pitcher Plant Bog by The Georgia Endangered Plant Stewardship Network (Special ... to your source and sink directions (higher on the source end, lower on the sink end). You want to create a slight slope ...

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