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Lomatia ferruginea
... Lomatia ferruginea Lomatia ferruginea R. Br. Proteaceae Small erect shrub up to 1 m high. Leaves fern-like, ... . Home: Chile Other views: Leaves Cultivated: Tasmania Author: Rainer Oberle Not found! Ethnobotanical aspects of Lomatia ferruginea by Plants for a future database Back to the plant list

Lomatia tasmanica
... Lomatia tasmanica Lomatia tasmanica W. M. Curtis Proteaceae A small, evergreen and upright shrub with dark green, glossy, ... Other views: Twig Cultivated: Tasmania and Europe Author: Rainer Oberle Not found! Ethnobotanical aspects of Lomatia tasmanica by Plants for a future database Back to the plant list
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ASGAP: Australian Plants for Fire Prone Areas
... laurina (s/st), Glochidion ferdinandi (st), Grevillea robusta (lt), Guioa semiglauca (st), Hodgkinsonia ovatiflora (st), Lomatia fraseri (s), Mallotus philippensis (s/st), Melia azedarach (s/mt), Hymenosporum flavum (s/mt), Petalostigma ...

Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants - Photo Gallery
... be seen by selecting the highlighted plant name Logania albiflora Photo: Cas Liber Lomandra multiflora Lomatia myricoides Lomatia tinctoria Guitar plant Photo: Australian Plants Society Lyperanthus suaveolens Brown beaks Photo: Jill Dark ...
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Rainforest Secondary/Mature species
... or red with large black seeds. Mega Tube | $6.90 AU | None in stock | Lomatia fraxinifolia - Black leaved Silky Oak A very attractive tree with dark shiny foliage ... biagana - Northern Brush Mahogany Grevillea baileyana - White Oak Hicksbeachia pinnatifolia - Red Bopple Nut Lomatia fraxinifolia - Black leaved Silky Oak Sarcopteryx stipitata - Steelwood Scolopia braunii - Flintwood Sloanea australis - ...

Pollen and Spore Images Lycophyta
... Isopogon anemonifolius Proteaceae NSW Lambertia Proteaceae ANU Lambertia formosa Proteaceae NSW Lomatia ferruginea Proteaceae LM Uppsala Lomatia Proteaceae ANU Lomatia polymorpha Proteaceae NSW Lomatia tinctoria Proteaceae NSW Macadamia Proteaceae ANU Musgravea Proteaceae ANU Opisthiolepsis ...

... dactyloides Hakea epiglottis Hakea fraseri Hakea lissosperma Hakea sericea Hakea teretifolia Isopogon anemonifolius Lambertia formosa Lomatia polymorpha Lomatia tinctoria Orites revoluta Persoonia gunnii Persoonia lanceolata Petrophile pulchella Petrophile sessilis Telopea truncata RANUNCULACEAE ...
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CSIRO PUBLISHING - Australian Journal of Botany
... (657 KB) - $25.00 The ecology, phytosociology and stand structure of an ancient endemic plant Lomatia tasmanica (Proteaceae) approaching extinction A. J. J. Lynch and J. Balmer pp. 619-627 Abstract ...

Seed Germination Database
... for 3 months (See No. 14). Loiseleuria HSh 30-60 65-75 Well drained JC Lomatia HHSh 30-180 X 60-65 Well drained 1/8" Lonas HA 5-7 D ...

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