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locular ovaries

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MBG: Research: Projects: South America: Venezuelan Guayana
... tube; filaments slender. Ovary superior, (1)2-locular; ovules numerous, attached to 4 vertical placental ridges, these axile in 2-locular ovaries and parietal in 1-locular ovaries (a single placental ridge in each locule ...

Angiosperm Families - Apocynaceae Juss.
... many’?). Placentation when synstylous, marginal (ventral). Ovary when ovaries joined, 1 locular, or 2 locular, or 1–2 locular (or when synstylous with free ovaries, these usually 2 but 2–5(–8 ... , with the two placentas parietal; when bilocular, axile, or apical (and sometimes the ovaries are bilocular with axile placentation below, and unilocular with parietal placentation above). Ovules ...

Angiosperm Families - Asclepiadaceae R.Br.
... attached adaxially to the stylehead); basifixed; introrse; bilocular (nearly always), or four locular (Secamoneae only); bisporangiate (usually), or tetrasporangiate (in Secamoneae); appendaged (provided with ... ovuled (generally numerous). Placentation marginal (ventral). Ovary alternatively interpretable as 2 locular (the separate ovaries being viewed as the ‘locules’ of a ‘syncarpous’ gynoecium ...
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