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liquid laundry detergent

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Pesticide-Contaminated Clothing Needs Washing Care, HYG-5117-94
... (such as Shout®, Spray 'n Wash®, and Stain Out®, etc.) with a heavy-duty liquid detergent (especially in hard water conditions) for better pesticide residue removal. If powdered, heavy duty ... rinse is recommended. Use the recommended amount of heavy duty liquid laundry detergent--don't skimp. Research shows that heavy duty liquid detergents, known for their oil removing ability, are more effective ...

Quick 'n Easy Stain Removal
... -duty liquid detergent into the stain or spray with the pretreatment product, then wash the garment using hot water (if safe for fabric), the recommended amount of detergent for a regular laundry load, rinse, and inspect before drying. Repeat this treatment if removal is incomplete the first time. Dye Stains Need detergent wash and bleach ...