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ligustrum oleaceae

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Floridata: Ligustrum lucidum
... of Tulip Topper wildflower seeds with every bulb order. Ligustrum lucidum Common Names: glossy privet, wax-leaf ligustrum, tree privet, wax-leaf privet Family: Oleaceae (olive family) Get link to Profile# 590 ( ... species. Location There are about 50 species of Ligustrum, all native to the Old World, mainly in eastern Asia and Malaysia. Ligustrum lucidum, the glossy privet, is native to China, ...

Floridata: Fraxinus angustifolia
... with every bulb order. Fraxinus angustifolia Common Names: narrowleaf ash, narrow-leaved ash Family: Oleaceae (olive family) Get link to Profile# 849 (click for data record) e-mail ... family are fringetree (Chionanthus virginicus), tea olive(Osmanthus americanus ), jasmine (Jasminum nitidum), glossy privet (Ligustrum lucidum), and the edible olive tree (Olea europaea). Steve Christman 11/10/00; ...

Floridata: Ligustrum japonicum
... every bulb order. Ligustrum japonicum Common Names: Japanese privet Family: Oleaceae (olive family) Get link to Profile# 197 (click for data record) e-mail this page Japanese ligustrum is a favorite ... into hedges and other shapes with regular close trimming. Several variegated selections of Japanese ligustrum are available and often offered at discount garden centers. 'Rotundifolium' is a dwarf ...