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light output

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anyone experimented w/vho or compact fluorescents and av's? - African Violets Forum - GardenWeb
... light now, though, and wondering if anyone has any advice/pointers/websites to check for info on growing African Violets under VHO (Very High Output ... weekend in our club we tried to measure the light output from the CFLs with a light meter. 10 watt - is way too low, 27 ... small arrangement where you can have several violets and low light requirement green plants. And do not wait till spring. These ...

Winter tomato experiments - Growing Tomatoes Forum - GardenWeb
... sake. > LED is highly unpractical at this point. Way too > expensive, way too low in light output, way too big > fixtures. Each person has to decide what is practical for their particular ... in the right places. Also, standard lighting always rates their light output in lumens (non-directional light), whereas LEDs are rated in millicandelas (light in a certain direction). There's no hard and fast ...

cheap shop lights - African Violets Forum - GardenWeb
... bought the T-8 instead of the T-12. They have much better output of light. RE: cheap shop lights clip this post email this post what is ... lights, anyway they had one. Irina maybe the reasone I didnt turn my light off is because I was afraid they wouldnt come back on. For ... I let them sleep. Ive not had any trouble with my $7 light from menards but I have had problems with things Ive gotten from WM ...