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leaves alternate

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Angiosperm Families - Achariaceae Harms
... basal aggregation of leaves, or with neither basal nor terminal aggregations of leaves. Self supporting (or stemless), or climbing. Leaves alternate; non-sheathing; simple. Lamina dissected (lobed), or entire; sometimes acicular. Leaves exstipulate. Lamina margins ...

Angiosperm Families - Achatocarpaceae Heimerl.
... , or shrubs (the branchlets sometimes spiny). Plants non-succulent. Leptocaul. Leaves alternate; spiral; non-sheathing; simple. Lamina entire; pinnately veined; cross-venulate. Leaves exstipulate. Lamina margins entire. Stem anatomy. Internal phloem absent. Secondary ...
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Notes about the terminology used
... be opposite, alternate, or spiraled along the stem. Globular A ball shaped cluster of flowers. Cluster Size: The diameter or length of the cluster. Leaf Size: The length of the leaves. Leaf ... are two leaves together on opposite sides of the stem Alternate The leaves alternate from one side of the stem to the other. Spiral The leaves spiral around the stem. Basal Rosette The leaves form a ...

Asteraceae - Sunflower Family #9
... ray and disk flowers in an enlongated cluster which is broader at the base. Leaves: 3" lancealate leaves alternate along stem. Plant: Short 1' plant. General Comments: A type of goldenrod Unknown ... Name: Unknown 060 Family: Asteraceae Sunflower Family Flower: 1" yellow composite flowers. Leaves: 1-3" lobed leaves alternate along stems. Plant: 1-3' tall, stems branch along top and form clusters ...
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Antirrhinum (Snapdragon)
... Height x width: 6"-4' x 6-12" Growth rate: moderate Foliage: opposite or upper leaves alternate, smooth, lanceolate to 3" long Flowers: terminal racemes of many colors, florets irregular with upper ... ' dwarf, 8-10" mix butterfly type florets 'Black Prince' medium, 18" dark red dark bronze leaves Chimes series dwarf, 6-8" mix usually available as mix 'Dwarf Trumpet Serenade' dwarf, 12 ...

... , April/May, hanging 1-5 on stems 12-15"; leaves alternate up stems, narrow lanceolate and upwardly erect; zones 4-8 ... usually solitary, drooping, white or purple mottled or chequered, April/May; leaves alternate, linear 3-6" long and narrow under " wide; zones 3- ... bell-shaped, hanging, 1-6 on stems 12" tall May/June; leaves alternate up stems, broad lanceolate, glaucous; zones 4-8 *persica (purr' ...
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Enlarged ViewHedge bindweed leaves alternate on the stem Use your web browser's Back button to return to the previous page.

Identify the Beech
... Up Now! Trees in the Beech Family - Fagaceae Description of American Beech - Fagus American beech Leaves: alternate , toothed, straight parallel veined , short stalked. Bark: light gray and smooth. Twigs: slender with long ...

The Basswood
... ! Trees in the Linden Family - Tiliaceae Tiliaceae - Watson/Dallwitz Description of American basswood American basswood Leaves: alternate , broadly ovate, coarsely saw-toothed, notched at base. Bark: dark gray and smooth. Fruit: elliptical ...
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... alternate Home | Forum | Plants, Trees and Shrubs | Glossary | Email this page Web alternate Definition: Describes organs, usually leaves, borne singly at each node, in two vertical rows, on either side of ...

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