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las posas soils

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San Marcos Vernal Pool Checklist
... area is bounded by S. Pacific Street on the west, S. Las Posas Drive on the east, La Mirada Drive on the north, and ... ), a rare herb in the mint family (Lamiaceae) found in clay soils near the San Marcos vernal pools. This endemic species has been ... decades, mostly due to the construction of extensive housing developments on Las Posas soils. Both species are on the CNPS List 1B: Rare, threatened and ...

San Marcos Mountains
... igneous rock that weathers and oxidizes into reddish Las Posas soils. Some of the most interesting endemic plants in San Diego Country occur on these soils. The crest of the San Marcos Mountains ... Fruits Of The Strawberry Tree Tetracoccus dioicus (Euphorbiaceae), a dioecious shrub that typically grows on Las Posas soils in San Diego County. The leaves are opposite or 3-whorled with linear or ...
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