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larz anderson hinokis

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Arnold Arboretum - Bonsai - Hinoki Cypress Puzzle
... is best translated as "compact or bantam cypress." Compounding the difficulty of identifying the Larz Anderson hinokis is the fact that they have been rigorously pruned for their entire lives. An ... -hiba' to the Larz Anderson hinokis, we not only eliminate confusion but also achieve a better sense of their rich history. Excerpted from "Early American Bonsai: The Larz Anderson Collection of the Arnold ...

Arnold Arboretum - Bonsai - At the Arnold Arboretum
... Spring Flower Show See also Map of the Grounds The Larz Anderson Bonsai Collection The Bonsai at the Arnold Arboretum The Larz Anderson Collection did not enjoy the care of knowledgeable Japanese gardeners after ... (Pinus parviflora—all species that should be included on any list of "ironclad" bonsai. The hinokis seem to be the toughest of all since 7 of the 10 original plants are ...
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