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lachenalia pallida blue

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Lachenalia pallida (blue)
Lachenalia pallida (blue) Lachenalia pallida (blue) Courtesy UC Irvine Arboretum Courtesy UC Irvine Arboretum

Lachenalia x 'Pallida Blue'
Lachenalia x 'Pallida Blue' Lachenalia x 'Pallida Blue' Lachenalia "Pallida Blue" is probably a hybrid of L. splendida and may also be known in the gardening community in New Zealand here as L. 'Te Puke Blue', which is a seedline with a good and increasing reputation. The leaves are shiny with parallel veins and are either smooth or pustulate. Vance Hooper
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Graines d'iris et bulbes : Liste d'échange, Index seminum 2006.
... Blue' Ipomea alba (2003) Ixia viridiflora Ixiolirion tataricum (pallasii, montanum) (2000) Kleinia pendula (2005) Kniphofia citrina (2001) Kniphofia uvaria [JBN 698] Kniphofia sp (1996-2005) Lachenalia reflexa Lachenalia rubida ... unguicularis (2001) Section Pogoniris Série Elatae I. aphylla (2005) I. imbricata I. pallida (2001) I. sweertii Section Regelia I. stolonifera (Clone L.R-VM) (2001) I. ...

... find Syringodea unifolia - pale violet to violet/blue flowers. At this time of the year you will also see Lachenalia congesta as well as Lachenalia undulata here. Looking closely you will also ... also see Gladiolus carinatus as well as Geissorhiza radians and Geissorhiza euristygma. There are also Lachenalia pallida, L pustulata and L orchioides here. Ixia scillaris was also reported to have been ...

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