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lachenalia hirta

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Lachenalia hirta
Lachenalia hirta Lachenalia hirta Tony Palmer Hard to believe the colour of this isn't it, but it is accurate. Flowering approximately 16 months from sowing ex Silverhill Seeds. Still in the glasshouse - who'd want to risk this one out in the gales and rain we're having this weekend! Tony (Aug 25, 2000 ) Auckland New Zealand visit my webpage at

Lachenalia hirta var. hirta
Lachenalia hirta var. hirta Lachenalia hirta var. hirta Courtesy UC Irvine Arboretum
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... have been sunk into Moraea. LACHENALIA - THE HISTORY BEHIND THE NAME According to history the first Lachenalia to be painted in colour was Lachenalia hirta. It was painted by Simon ... Lachenalia patula. There were also a few other Lachenalia species on sale as well as Gethyllis afra. Between Clanwilliam and Citrusdal they visited a farm where they saw large numbers of Lachenalia hirta and Lachenalia ...

Graines d'iris et bulbes : Liste d'échange, Index seminum 2006.
... citrina (2001) Kniphofia uvaria [JBN 698] Kniphofia sp (1996-2005) Lachenalia reflexa Lachenalia rubida Lathyrus latifolius (rouge, rose, blanc) Leucocoryne purpurea (2001) Leucojum aestivum ... 'Carmencita' (2003) Romulea bulbocodium Romulea bulbocodium croceum Romulea campanuloides (2004) Romulea hirta Romulea pratensis Romulea saldanhensis (2001) Sauromatum guttatum (2001) Scadoxus multiflorus ssp. ...

... caprina are commonly known and are both declared weeds. Oxalis hirta is an unusual species in that some specimens have a ... this time of the year you will also see Lachenalia congesta as well as Lachenalia undulata here. Looking closely you will also find ... well as Geissorhiza radians and Geissorhiza euristygma. There are also Lachenalia pallida, L pustulata and L orchioides here. Ixia scillaris was ...

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