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krause earl deanna

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Local Rose Show Results
... Krause, Earl & Deanna Fl Bloom Playboy Hough, Robin Fl Spray International Herald Tribune Krause, Earl & Deanna Poly Spray The Fairy Burger, Donald & Trevino, Maria Modern Shrub Outta the Blue Krause, Earl & Deanna ...

Local Rose Show Results
... & Boden, Jim Poly Spray White Pet Hough, Robin Modern Shrub Be-Bop Krause, Earl & Deanna Dowager Archduke Charles Williams, Patty & Baxter Victorian William R. Smith Broussard, Sheryl ... Mini Court Tiffany Lynn Lauran, Jeniver Mini Court Soroptimist International Krause, Earl & Deanna Mini Court Jerry Lynn Krause, Earl & Deanna Mini Court Memphis King Bradley, Ed & Jo Mini Court Chattooga Bradley, ...
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Master Consulting Rosarians
... Timothy A. Calamari, Jr. Donald G. Edgerton, M.D. Charlotte Haring Peter Haring Al Hobbs Earl Hudgins Rita Hudgins C. Judith Mayo Madge Mayo James Mills J. T. Smith Marilyn ... Donald Spangsberg Shirley Spangsberg South Central 2005 Susan Barry Mary Fulgham Tommy Hebert Robin Hough Deanna Krause Earl Krause Frank Lang Madelyn Lang James Roy McCarty Helen E. Reynolds Jimmy Sanford Patsy Williams Baxter ...

ARS Rose Show Results
... FL 54 ROYAL COURT FOR MINIATURES AND MINIFLORAS MINIATURE QUEEN OF SHOW Kristin Earl & Deanna Krause Pasadena, TX MINIATURE KING OF SHOW Miss Flippins Clyde & Marie Bartlett Glenmora, LA ... SHOW Princess of Wales, floribunda spray Lynn Snetsinger Arcadia, CA GRAND SWEEPSTAKES AWARD Earl & Deanna Krause Pasadena, TX ROSE ARRANGEMENTS DIVISION WINNERS # CLASS TITLE AWARD ROSE VARIETY EXHIBITOR SECTION ...
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Consulting Rosarians of Houston Rose Society
... Robin Hough S 281-482-8944 Robin Kohler W 713-935-0329 Earl/Deanna Krause SE 281-487-3347 Jeniver Lauran S 713-433-2524 Doug Mitchell ...

93 Fall Results
...   No entries                 6        Climber    Earl & Deanna Krause           Fourth of July                 7        Floribunda        ... Earl & Deanna Krause           Rainbow Bliss                 40    Mini Collection (6)   No entries                 41    Mini Stages of Bloom        Robin Hough           Child’s Play                 42        Triangle of Miniatures        Earl & Deanna Krause ...
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