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kaffir bread

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Phoenix Fruit Trees, Plants and Spice Garden
... . John's Bread) Cereus validus Chrysobalanus icaco (Cocoplum, Icaco) Chrysophyllum cainito (Star Apple, Caimito) Citrus aurantifolia (Key Lime, Mexican Lime) Citrus aurantium (Sour Orange, Seville Orange) Citrus hystrix (Kaffir Lime, Thai Bai ...

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... in stuffings for oily fish. Seed can be used in sauces, fish dishes and bread or sprouted for winter salads. Aromatic flat yellow clusters of flowers in summer. HORSERADISH -Cochlearis ... roots are minced to make Horseradish Sauce to serve with beef. Often used with salads. KAFFIR LIME - Citrus Lystrix Sunny, light well drained soil. Frost Tender. Dark green smooth leaves that ...

What's in a (Botanical) Name?
... , caesium, caesius light blue (L.) [SEES-ee-s] caffer Kaffir, a South African; a pejorative word (L.) [KAF-fr] caffra, caffrum Kaffir; a South African; a pejorative word (L.) [KAF-frm ... of + margin; a notched margin (leaf) (L.) [ee-mahr-ji-NAIT-] ENCEPHALARTOS (Zamiaceae) in + head + bread, referring to the edible pith of the stems of some species (Gr.) [en-sef--LAHR ...