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jelly palm

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Arboretum Images 1
... Is Penny In Above Image Edible Fruits Of The Coconut Palm The Existence Of Coconut Pearls Jelly palm (Butia capitata), a South American monoecious palm native to Brazil. The large cluster of yellowish-orange ... are also shown at bottom left. A little-known fact: Carnauba wax is used on Jelly Bean® and gormet JellyBelly® candies to produce the shiny surface! Natural Waxes From Leaves Chemistry ...

Sarah's Wobbling Wheel
... & Dodder (Witches' Hair) Sarah & Witches' Hair (Dodder) Rare Palomar Mtn. Snow Hippo Sarah & A Delicious Jelly Palm Sarah And Colorful Lorikeets Sarah & A Red-Wing Blackbird Sarah And A Duckweed Pond Rock ...

Plant Resin & Wax Photos
... right image. This species also has conspicuous red seed capsules. Palm Family (Arecaceae) Chunks of carnauba wax from the leaf ... waxes, and it has a lower melting point. Brazilian carnauba palm (Copernicia prunifera). Dried leaves are beaten to dislodge the wax, ... wax produces the shiny surface of Gummy Bears, Gummy Worms, Jelly Beans and many other candies. The gummy, chewy texture of Gummy ...