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james carson

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Backyard Orchard Links
... by Walter Dong Follow Up Care of Grafted Trees Harry Andris, Fresno Co. UCCE and James Doyle, Kearney Agricultural Center Grafting University of Missouri Whip Grafting Texas Agricultural Extension Service ... Dave Wilson Nursery Planting Planting and Care of Young Fruit Trees UC Master Gardeners Jim Carson and Gary Shimizu and Chuck Ingels, Sacramento Co. UCCE Planting Bareroot Trees Paul Vossen, ...

Acknowledgments: The California Backyard Orchard Web Site - Acknowlwedments
... Bethell, Farm Advisor UCCE El Dorado Co. James A. Beutel, Extension Pomologist (Retired) Nancy Jane Campbell, UCCE Placer-Nevada Cos. Jim Carson, Certified Master Gardener UCCE Sacramento Co. Lezlie Ceran, Certified Master Gardener UCCE Lake Co. Walter Dong, Sacramento Co. . James Doyle, Staff Research Associate ...