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iza goroff

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NARGS: Plant of the Month: January 2000
... Archive 1999 Archive 1998 Archive 1997 Plant of the Month January 2000 Corallorhiza maculata by Iza Goroff Corallorhiza is one of the genera of orchids which has no chlorophyll, no functioning leaves ...

NARGS:Plant of the Month Archive - 1999
... Iza Goroff June Saponaria X Olivana by Iza Goroff July Campanula garganica by Iza Goroff August Veronica spicata nana by Iza Goroff September Machaeranthera (Aster) colorodoensis by Chuck Griffith October Tulipa schrenkii by Iza Goroff November Daphne arbuscula by Iza Goroff ...
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... Willows. Leeds LS16 8AF ENGLAND HK Hannelotte Kindlund, Stamgatan 67, 125 74 ALVSJO SWEDEN IG Iza Goroff W8114 Nature Drive Whitewater WI 53190 JB Jesper Bogoe, Oestbyvej 8 , Skuldelev 4050 Skibby Denmark ...

... this one. Notice the open, starry blooms with the telltale long exserted stamens. Photo by Iza Goroff. View detail drawing: Allium cyaneum Allium sikkimense - another beautiful Chinese species that can be difficult ...

image_cyaneum Allium cyaneum Photo on left by Iza Goroff Photo on right by Mark McDonough [ drawing of Allium cyaneum ] Questions or comments on this page? Contact Mark McDonough at Images and textual content copyright 2000 Mark McDonough This page was last updated on 02/11/01
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